Game Boy Advance MegaBat1300


Custom 130mAh battery for the GBA.

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Custom made battery for the Game Boy Advance with a true and tested capacity.


Battery Features:

  • 1300Mah Capacity tested to be true capacity

  • USB-C Charge Port that works with all USB-C chargers capable of 5V output

  • Charge rate is at approximately 700Mah leading to about 2 hours to fully charge battery using 1A charger

  • Side Facing Charge Status LED , points towards the bottom of the console

  • 2 Large filter capacitors on the output to feed Cleaner Power into the GBA than standard Lipo Battery Mods

  • Has proper voltage output so when the battery is Low the GBA Low Battery Light will turn on giving you approximately 5 minutes before turning off.

  • JST type connector for easy battery replacement

  • OPTIONAL 3D Jig to mark where to cut the USB-C hole for charging without removing the Battery Cover (Color May Vary)

  •  USB-C socket placed where it does not obstruct the Battery Cover, you do not need to cut the Hole for USB-C  but it’s recommended





These are currently only sold to North American and Mexican customers ONLY! Will be available in Europe in Late January from


Weight 0.2 lbs

3D Battery Cover Jig, GBA Lipo Battery


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