NDS Lite Flex Amp for GBA Macro Mod

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    ***Unfortunately there was an issue with the v1.1 P04 test pad causing audio to turn off when the Right D-Pad direction was pressed. I have a simple workaround for this which is in the video below. Because of this issue I am not sure people will want the amp as it is so until I have an updated version (could be 3 weeks out) or people can perform the simple workaround with the current version these will be out of stock. ***

If you are ok with the workaround I can sell you the amp with this in mind, you can use the password WIRE in the other listing to enter and make the purchase.







This amp combines 2 different mods into 1 (Lower Screen Conversion and Audio Amplification) and with it’s flex pcb is super slim and really easy to solder on with just 6 solder points.  The amp has the following features:

  •  1.5W Output capable of driving a variety of speakers BUT best used with a Switch Speaker

  •   Superior Low Noise

  •   6 Easy to solder points to complete the install

  •   Integrates the 330 Ohm Resistor Mod to enable the lower screen without the top screen (Macro Mod)

  •   Original design and not a clone of any other product, designed with easy install in mind for everyone


Thank you for supporting Original Mods such as this one and Original Creators.

Weight 0.1 lbs

1 Amp, 1 Speaker, 5 Amps, 5 Speakers