Laser Pre-Cut MintyPi V3 Tin *NOT FOR MINTYPI LITE*

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          These are for the MintyPi V3 NOT the mintyPi Lite which will get some different cuts.


These Tins are cut with a laser and are sometimes used tins so be aware there might be some burn marks around the holes (very minor) and the tins might be a little scuffed or might have some rust spots (internally and will be covered by 3D parts so will not be seen).

If these minor blemishes are a concern for you then do not buy them as I will not swap them for another one that might not have some of the mentioned cosmetic possible problems.

Also be aware that the tin lids can be swapped easily so if a color you want is not available you can always buy an Altoids tin with the color you want and swap the lids.

Shipping for International Orders are expensive if you buy the tin alone since I can’t claim the package as documents and the tin is bulky for an envelope.

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Weight 0.1 lbs

Blue, Green, Blank, Etched, Maroon, Red


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