MintyPi Lite Fully Soldered Kit

mintyPi LITE Soldered Kit

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Assemble instructions, build video and software are here >>>


The kit is fully soldered together with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and tested for continuity and with an SD card for normal operation. All you do is just put it in a tin with the 3D parts and buttons and the battery (not included) and an SD Card which I also offer loaded with the mintyPi Lite software ready to go. All the hard work is done for you, once these go I am not sure I will do more of these so best to grab one before they go.


Suggested to use 5V phone chargers or a USB Port on a Computer for the mintyPi Lite along with a USB-C cable or one of the 3in1 cables I offer on my site! Laptop USB-C chargers r any native USB-C charger should not be used as it will not charge the mintyPi.


Not Included: are the 3D parts or the Custom Silicone buttons specifically made for the mintyPi Lite or a Battery and SD card. The 3D parts and Buttons can be bought from Wermy below:


Weight 0.3 lbs

32GB UHS-I SD Card, MintyPi Lite Soldered Kit


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