Analog Stick Drift Fix

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This little Flex PCB will allow you to fix your failing analog sticks that are drifting from over use and general wear from game play and bring them back to like new performance (as long as the original Potentiometers are not damaged) extending the life of your controllers.


You get2 Drift Fix Flex PCBs Per Order to fix any one controller.




Compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X , First Gen Xbox Elite and Switch Pro Controllers (look below for some back shell modifications required).


Simply solder it to back of the analog stick solder points and plug the controller ins a PC or MAC and head over to once the controller is recognized by your Operating System and adjust the 2 Potentiometers one Flex PCB to bring the Dead Zone back to center and close up your controller and it’s as good as new.


Original concept of this mod was discovered by Solderking ,go check out his other mod work!


Watch the video below for install instructions as well as how to adjust the Potentiometers.



Switch Pro Controller Back Shell Trimming Required to Fit the PCB:

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