BKColor PCB Kit for Burger King GBC Toy Shell

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Be Aware That This Involves a Lot of Shell Work Including Opening It Up and Not Damaging The Shell Or Yourself! Be Careful and Take it Slow. Get the 3D Drill Template Files here to print your own guide or use the Drop Down Menu to buy one from me:



This PCB Kit is for the Burger King Toys released in 2000 that are inspired by the Gameboy Color and Pokemon.  The PCB does all the electronics side of the build and simplifies it and makes it easier for these toys to be made into an actual handheld, now the hard part is obtaining the shells and also opening them up and modding them properly. I do have very few shells which you can purchase with the kit but you have open it and mod it yourself.


A great guide to follow on how to get it open and the other modding can be found here by Liam Phillimore, he is working on a new guide specifically for this PCB Kit but the important info is in this one:




The Kit Features the Following:

  • 2.0 inch 320 x 240 Resolution LCD

  • I2C Digital Audio Output

  • Safe Shutdown built in

  • Slide Switch Included¬† in Kit

  • 1A Battery Charge Rate with LEDs for Charge States

  • 950 mAh Battery Included in Each Kit!

  • Power LED and Emergency Shutdown Button

  • ADS1015 for Battery Monitoring and Low Battery Safe Shutdown

  • Separate Button for Menu Screen

  • SD Card Slot Accessible Through the Top of Shell

  • USB-C Socket to Charge Battery

  • 2 Sets of L & R Button Boards with Different Tactiles to Suite Individual Tastes

  • MintyPi Rubber Membrane Super Famicom Buttons

  • Optional 4 Face Buttons (Drill Guide Built into PCB)

  • Optional Dome Tactile Buttons Like GBA SP (Part# ALPS-SKRRABE010)


The SD Card Image is linked here :



Here is the Continuity Test Point Locations to be sure your Raspberry Pi Zero is soldered on correctly:


Optional Alps Dome buttons Installed:



Finished Build:

Shell Modification Videos:

Weight 0.1 lbs

BK GBC Kit, Drill Guide, Green, Teal1, Teal2, Teal3, Maroon, Pink, Red


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