GBA Flex Amp

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This amp combines 3 different mods into 1 and with it’s flex pcb is super slim and really easy to solder on with just 3 solder points.  The amp has the following features:

  •  1.5W Output capable of driving a variety of speakers including the 2W speaker I offer

  •   Superior Low Noise

  •   Three high quality Tantalum Capacitor to filter the power and noise to the amp as well as the GBA 3.3v Line, (Eliminates another popular mod which is a Large Capacitor soldered to the Headphone socket)

  •   Built in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter layer to further reduce noise and interference (only amp on the market with this feature)

  •   3 Easy to solder points to complete the install

  •   Fully compatible with original speaker and requires no additional modding to fit

  •   Original design and not a clone of any other product, designed with easy install in mind for everyone


Thank you for supporting Original Mods such as this one and Original Creators.


These amps will also be available in:

Australia from:

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1 Amp, 1 Speaker, 5 Amps, 5 Speakers

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